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Attorney Robert Lantz joins the Alliance to Lead Impact in Global Human Trafficking

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | Firm News

Castle Lantz Maricle, LLC is extremely proud to announce that one of our managing partners, Robert D. Lantz, has joined the Board of Alliance to Lead Impact in Global Human Trafficking (ALIGHT). He is eager to bring his skills and experience to bear in supporting and furthering their essential mission.

ALIGHT’s mission

Attorney Marianna Kosharovsky began ALIGHT in 2014 as a way to assist women, men, and children who are most vulnerable to exploitation by human traffickers. This nonprofit serves as a support structure to provide refuge, education and legal services to human trafficking survivors, so that they can overcome the horrific effects of being trafficked.

Mr. Lantz believes strongly in ALIGHT’s mission. He has enthusiastically offered over 30 years of legal experience to assist the most vulnerable members of our society in receiving the help that they need to rebuild a stable and secure future for themselves.

The legal services that Mr. Lantz and ALIGHT’s other attorneys provide to human trafficking survivors varies greatly, and is custom-tailored to fit each survivor’s individual needs. For example, a survivor may require assistance with obtaining custody of her children, clearing up disputes with debt collectors, or seeking expungements for crimes that she was forced to commit while being trafficked.

ALIGHT offers assistance to human trafficking victims all across the United States. Victims have the option of contacting the organization through the use of a phone number (720-608-6039) or their app. The organization connects victims at no cost with the appropriate professionals who can help them to overcome any problems they may have that stem from their exploitation.

If you or someone you know has suffered the effects of human trafficking, do not hesitate to contact ALIGHT today to obtain the assistance that you need.